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The last Simolean October 19, 2009

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On this particular morning, Kyle found it amusing to chase the mail woman down in hopes of asking her for food.


Which the school bus interrupted.


Jon woke up after Kyle had left, and gave Anita the teddy bear. At first she looked it over, and pulled him up by the head.


Then she loved him.


As Jon wandered outside, he became aware that there was large dumpster next to the garage and he had never looked in it. At the very bottom was a very beat up guitar. Jon eagerly grabbed it an started playing.


After a while of playing, he remembered what it was he was planning. He took the very last Simoleans he had and hired a baby sitter for Anita. Jon cleaned up and headed out to the athletic stadium. He was going to apply for a job, and if it meant begging, he would do that.


Jon actually managed to get hired, even with all his bad traits and very little athletic experience. The stadium must’ve needed a towel boy pretty badly. He was even put to work the same day and under his special circumstances┬ápaid in cash that day as well. They even sent Jon home with some food.


Jon came home tired, but very hopeful. Kyle was sleeping in his bed, so he slept in Kyle’s for once.


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